10 Smart Ways To Take Down Drones

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Drones are the internet leaking into the outside world: technology letting douchebags spy on your ass and then annoy you within your privacy space, while all you can do is shake your fist at the sky. For instance, Uber unleashed drones to mock drivers stuck in traffic jams with patronizing notes, which is sure to bring about the first case of a court justifying road rage murder. An evangelical church is planning a military drone-bombing of the Middle East with the 11th plague: electronic bibles, which sounds like a Mr. Show sketch.

Self-defense against drones is now a moral imperative. Which is why I’ve found the 10 most awesome and smart ways of swatting these techno-wasps out of the air. They include using counter unmanned aerial systems, drone netting deployment systems, eagles and even old-fashioned bazookas and shotguns! Enjoy


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