Do You Know That Your Lipstick Can Kill You?

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Even though I know some people want to DAZZLE with a great shade of lipstick – be conscious!

For that matter, be careful of the 400 lipsticks on the market that contain lead. Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database gives a large number of lipsticks a “10,” the highest score in terms of potential toxicity. The culprits? “Neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, persistence and bioaccumulation, organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), additive exposure sources, biochemical or cellular level changes.”

An article on lipstick notes, “The small amount of lead exposure especially in developing brains in young children, can cause a problem and the main problem it can cause is development of that brain,” Torres said. “Essentially, they start having problems in language development, with math development, those types of things. It doesn’t take much lead for that to happen; but again, these lead levels are very, very small. I wouldn’t be too concerned using it on a casual basis, but if it’s something they are playing with on a daily basis, or they are ingesting or eating it, then stay away from that.”

I encourage you to look at the lead content in your lipstick, you might be surprised.

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